Immigration consultant in delhi for australia

Immigration consultant in delhi for australia

Proposed changes in the points for 189 and 190 Australia PR visas

Australia is proving to be a great destination for US H1b visa holders because the rules for the latter have become strict. Since the Australian government is planning to reduce the number of seats for the visa from 1,90,000 to 1,60,000, the competition for these limited seats is going to be intense. So, you definitely need help from the Indian immigration agents in Delhi for this visa.

An immigration agent in Sydney can guide you rightly about how to get this visa. There will also be changes in the point structure for the Australia PR visa in November, 2019.

More points for those having a STEM degree

People with degrees in the STEM related profiles are eligible to get more points i.e. 10 points. Earlier, only 15 points were given to those who had a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree for the Australia PR visa. However, now 10 more points will be given to those who have qualifications in (Science, technical, engineering and mathematics) based educational profiles.

More points when you don’t have a spouse

There is more good news. Visa aspirants who cant claim points for their spouse because they are not married, can also get 10 points as per these changes in the Australia PR visa process. There are 5 points allotted for having a spouse especially when he/she has competent English and had got the skills assessment. So, those who could not claim such points were at a disadvantage. However, now, under the new amendment , those without a spouse get 10 points. 

More points for partner skill qualifications and competent English

As per new amendments there is a segregation of having a partner with skills and who has competent English. So, someone with a partner with competent English can get 5 points whereas having skill assessment can get 10 points. So, in total having skills assessment and competent English could get you 15 points. All these changes will be introduced from 16th November, 2019 and will be beneficial for the Australia visa applicants.

If you have a family member living in Australia who is nominating you or have got nomination from the state or territorial government, you can get upto 15 points. This is how the new system will work. So, in November, you can get extra points if you decide to immigrate to Australia.

Anyone who wants to immigrate to Australia can get extra points as per these changes.

These changes in the immigration system are as per the advice given by the Productivity Commission. It believes that more importance needs to be given to skilled spouses of visa aspirants.  The commission suggested these changes because it believed that not giving more importance to the skills of secondary applicants can make them immigrate to another country. So, its important to award a proper number of points to a spouse, so that Australia is able to attract them.

More points for state nomination

In fact, applicants with partners who can speak well in English are at a benefit with this implementation of higher points. So, after these changes are introduced in November, scoring 65 points needed for Australia immigration would not be such a hurdle. As per the 190visa, 5 points will be given for state or territorial nomination. With 15 points, available getting 5 points as per this visa will be so much easier. Contact Nile Migration to know more about such changes.

If these changes are going to be introduced in Australia, its beneficial for those seeking a respite from the US visa regime. US permanent residence visa is quite to obtain, ever since Trump took the presidency of this country. To get the EB2 visa for PR of the US, there is a labor certification needed, for which a time period of 3 years is required. The employer also needs to fill the form I-140. That’s why, getting the PR of Australia is easy because it only requires 5 points.

So, getting the Australia PR visa is quite easy. Indian Immigration agents in Sydney, can help you in various ways to get this visa. First they file your documentation, and then assist with further documentation when you get the letter of invitation from the department of immigration and border protection.

Australia has also launched a new 870 visa for parents who want to see their children living in Australia. They can stay on this visa for 5 years. The filing for this visa has began from 17th April. The visas will be given from 1st July and has a limit of 15,000 visas. So, take the help of  Indian immigration agents in Sydney for filing this visa.

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