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Australia PR agents delhi

Australia now has a very high score for immigration. It’s true that to immigrate to Australia now, you must have a score of 75-80. With this score, you can get an invite quite quickly otherwise it takes time. You can get an invite within a time period of 1-2 months when you have this score. A candidate who has the basic minimum score of 65, cant immigrate quite easily to Australia. In fact, a time period of more than a year can elapse till one gets an invitation based on this score. When you have a score of 70 or more, you can settle in Australia based on the permanent residency visa within a year.

Important to appear for language exams

A candidate since he has to get 70 points must have good scores in the IELTS exam. If it’s not possible for him, he can go for other exams which include TOEFL ibt and PTE Academic. Both these exams are easier as compared to IELTS and a candidate can get higher scores in such exams easily. In PTE academic, a candidate has to get 79 in all the bands to succeed.

Australia PR agents in Delhi

Changes in occupational lists

The occupational list also changes from time to time. Some occupations are moved from the MLTSSL list to the STSOL list meaning that they are no longer eligible for nomination for the 189 visa. As of now, 212 occupations are eligible for this visa. As far as the 190 visa is concerned, 427 occupations have been designated for this visa. So, you can get to know which occupation is suitable for your case through us.

Australia is also becoming a destination for those who are not happy with the lack of extension for the H1B visa. If a  worker wants to get the green card, he must have employer sponsorship which is not the case with the 189 visa in Australia. Anyone who wants to apply for the US PR must have someone filing the form, I-140 for him which is the form for an immigrant petition for alien workers. However, no employer sponsorship is needed for the 189 visa in Australia.

Delay in US-based green card

As the 489 and the 187 visas will be discontinued, more help will be needed from immigration agents in Delhi for Australia PR.   The green card application takes a long time because a visa number needs to be available. For this, form I-140 needs to be approved. You then have to wait for 4-6 years. The visa numbers are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. This is not the case with the Australian 189 visa where the processing time is 7-8 months.

How to get the partnership visas in Australia?

Australia has also made it tough to get the partnership visas. Recently, there was the passing of the family violence bill in the Senate. This bill has its own repercussions. Anyone who is applying for a partner visa must have a character assessment done both for himself and the partner sponsored by him. After the character assessment is approved, an application for the sponsorship visa can be filed.

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