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How To get the Express Entry score in 2019?

Canada has increased the points total for CRS to 451. Since 451 points are needed, the candidates should be well prepared to score these many points. Express Entry totally takes into account the points of a candidate and awards him the PR of Canada based on them. There are 2 categories of PR programs as per Express Entry, known as the Federal Skilled Worker, and the Canadian experience class. Ever since 30 points were introduced for French proficiency, points can be earned in different ways. Read to know how to get points for Canada PR in 2019.

How to get the current CRS score of 451? (eligibility as per federal skilled worker)

The easiest way to score these many points is to get a score equivalent to CLB 9. This score is equal to 8 in listening and 7 in each of 3 bands of writing, speaking and reading. With this much score, candidates can get up to, 116 points when immigrating with a spouse. Without a spouse, he can get up to a score of 124 based on this score in IELTS. Deducting 124 points from 451, a candidate needs 327 points. These many points can be gained on the basis of the young age of a candidate which imply 110 points for those between the age group of 20-29 years. Rest 135 out of 217 points can be gained for the education of a candidate when he has a Master’s degree. 50 out of 82 points can be gained by a candidate when he has the work experience of 3 years and a CLB 9 score. The remaining 32 points can be gained, by a candidate when he has 2 degrees and a CLB 9 score because he is granted 50 points. Hence the candidate must have CLB 9 score, good work experience, and 2 degrees to get the qualifying score of 451. This way a candidate can skip showing French language proficiency and not sit for any French language test.

The candidate has to work hard to get the qualifying score of 451.  

Another way to get 451(eligibility as per Canadian experience class)

Other ways of getting approved for Express Entry is by learning French. A candidate can get some points extra if he knows French well. So, if he has these many points, he can appear for the French exam of TEF. He can get 98(68+30) points for the CLB 7 score in French. However, he has to mandatorily appear for the English language tests and score equal to CLB5 at least to be awarded 30 points for French level proficiency. He can get 12 points for CLB7 score in English. So, with a total of 110 points, he needs to get 451-110=341 points. He can get 50 points for his 3 years of experience and a post graduation degree.

He needs 291 points. He can get these many points with his age(110), education(135) and any 2 years of work experience and a post-secondary degree in Canada(50). This is how he can qualify for Canada immigration. A candidate can get to know his possibilities of getting qualified for the Express Entry of Canada. Keep yourself updated through our website to know more.

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