Best immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada

immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada

The Canadian government is going to bring an act into existence which will decide the working of immigration consultants. This body will be known by the name of College of immigration and citizenship consultants. The act to generate this body has undergone a first reading in the Canadian parliament on April 8th . A decision to create such a body has been taken in the wake of a report published by the newspaper of Canada “Globe and Mail” that many international recruiters are abusing prospective immigrants to Canada. In the investigation done by Globe and Mail, 2000 victims were discovered who had been duped by 45 fraud immigration consultants.

They had been lured into paying huge amounts, to get the PR of Canada or work there, but realised that they had been duped after arriving there. Canadian government does not issue  a work permit to someone without the LMIA happening first. The government had already taken a decision to safeguard the interests of interested immigrants, in the budget 2019 and funds had been allocated for the same.

As per these measures, 10.9 million  were going to be spent every year beginning from 2019-2020, to keep a check on immigration consultants. So, the total expenditure for the supervision of immigration consultants was 51.9 million CAD. Other details about this licensing act are:

  • The Minister of Immigration will set a professional conduct and the immigration consultants will need to take a license. All the licensees will have to follow this code of conduct. 
  • If any complaints are lodged against a licensed immigration consultant, the complaints committee of the college will conduct search into the same.
  • The discipline committee of the College will also take the required action if any complaint of professional misdemeanour is reported about a consultant.
  • It will stop those who are not licensed from faking a license.

Administrative penalties would also be imposed in the case someone disobeys the Iimmigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Citizenship Act  of Canada. In fact, the existing fines for the breaking of these laws have been increased by 100%. So, anyone who is seeking PR to Canada must be prepared to hire services of consultants who provide genuine services,. Such genuine services imply making you aware whether you have it in you to be a Canadian immigrant. Its because Express Entry has imposed a lot of requirements from the eager immigrants. These requirements include the following:

  • The candidate must have performed well in the IELTS exam.
  • He should have experience of 1 year.
  • He should be holding a master’s or bachelor’s degree.

The best immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada will keep you aware how suitable you are as per these requirements. Nile Migration lets you know how well you can score in IELTS exam or what are your possibilities by just conversing with you in an enquiry call. If you are a fresher, wanting to immigrate to Canada, your chances of immigrating to Canada are null. So, the best immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada does not let you waste your money at all.

They also inform you about how much fees you are going to incur for WES which is the standard authority for ECA. This is how the system works. Every email from the official Canadian authorities is sent to you, keeping you in touch about the entire process. If your degree is not valid for checking of educational credentials through WES, the IQAS IS recommended for you.

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