Best immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada PR

immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada PR

You can be at a lot of advantage once you learn what kind of education is most suitable in getting you employed in Canada through the immigration agents in Delhi for Canada PR. So many students seek international education from Canada, but only some succeed in making the most out of it.

The Canadian government is really employing graduates right now. Unemployment is very low in Canada. It has never been this low in 40 years. The most popular degree which can get you a job is the Business or Management Degree. After pursuing this degree, you can easily get a job with an annual salary worth 1,10,000 to 1,15,000 CAD. Next in the ranks is the degree of a Chemical Engineer. This degree can also boost your salaries and you can get amounts paid equivalent to 1,04,000 CAD per year. This is how the Canadian industrial sector is rewarding educated people. There are more degrees to follow with their corresponding salaries being mentioned in this article. A Financial degree is no.3 on this list and you can bag a good annual salary with this degree, up to $103,376. A degree in software engineering is also popular and one can take home a salary of 90,001 CAD per year with this kind of education. So, Canada has a lot to offer to Software Engineers. After software engineering, a degree in Business Administration is also quite popular. You can easily get an annual salary of 85,508 CAD with such a degree. No, doubt, everyone wants to do an MBA from a Canadian University. The least popular on this list of education with the highest salaries , is the degree of Civil Engineering. Someone with a civil engineering degree can only take home an annual salary of 80,080 CAD. So, you must have easily resolved your doubts about which degree to pursue from Canada.

The highest employment is currently going on in the sectors of Computer engineers. So, if you have an education in these sectors, now is the best time to immigrate to Canada.

If you are a computer engineer, then Hamilton is the best place to immigrate. Its located at a distance of 75 km from Toronto. Hamilton has been given recognition as the “tech corridor” of Southern Ontario which also has the city of Toronto. In 2017, the highest numbers of ITAs were given to those with technical work related experience or job offers. The number of ITAs issued to  Information System Analysts and Consultants was 5,214. Next in line to receive the maximum ITAs were 4,782 Software Engineers. Programmers also benefitted from the huge demand in Canada and got 3,479 invites.

This is how the Canadian government is boosting the influx of technical workers here. Canada also sent a huge number of invites to those from the financial sector in 2017. Financial Auditors and Accountants received 2,386 invites and the rest of the invites at 1,969 were sent to Administrative Assistants. So, Canada has a demand for technical workers. You can get all the information about which profiles are in demand and which are not through the immigration agents in Delhi for Canada PR.

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