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Immigration to New Zealand, Australia and Canada made feasible

Immigration to New Zealand

New Zealand has awesome opportunities for those who want to be here. You can get immigration once you have the occupation listed in one of its Skill Shortage lists. Essential skills shortage lost includes many occupations which require labor here. It’s true that once you apply for this visa, you are granted a stay of 5 years in New Zealand. You can get ample help for this visa through the immigration consultant in New Delhi. This visa is given to those who have been able to get a job in any one of the occupations which are a part of the Essential Skills Shortage List. It’s not necessary that an employee can stay for 5 years in New Zealand on this visa. 4 categories of workers differing in terms of payment rates are defined as per the visa and they all get different periods of stay in this country. The higher skilled workers are given the payment slabs per hour of 37.50 NZD or more, Mid skilled(21.25 NZD-37.50 NZD), lower than 37.5 NZD for every hour or lower than 21.25 NZD for every hour. So, based on these payment slabs candidates are allowed a stay in this country. The higher skilled workers get a stay of 5 years, the mid-skilled workers get a stay of 3 years and the lower skilled workers of both the categories get a  stay of 12 years which can be extended to 3 years based on the duration of the job. A person who has come to New Zealand on an essential skills work visa under the higher skilled category is eligible to get another Essential Skills Work Visa. Immigration consultants in Delhi for New Zealand can grant you all the information about this visa.

Right now, there are 3 lists which contain occupations eligible for someone to get the essential skills work visa. There is the Immediate Skill Shortage List and Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List.

However, once you are able to work here for 2 years on an Essential Skills Work Visa you are able to get the residency of New Zealand.  With an Essential Skills Work Visa, you can make sure that your family is able to come here with you. You can get your family here on a visitor visa or student visa for the kids.

Education is also allowed on this visa, and you can study for up to 3 months. After getting this visa, for the higher skilled worker category, if you have been living in New Zealand for 2 years, you can apply for a permanent resident visa. This visa is given to those whose resident visa didn’t expire more than 3 months back. You must have also complied with the work visa conditions which were applicable to you. This includes that when you were in New Zealand on the Essential Skills Work visa, you only worked for the designated employer who had offered the job to you. This is how an immigration agency in Delhi helps you with your case. The top immigration consultant in Delhi for the New Zealand visa knows everything which is important for you to get the PR of New Zealand.

Canada immigration

Canada is one of the most pivotal countries for immigration now. It has one of the easiest immigration structures.

Any Canadian immigration consultant in Delhi can provide you information about this structure. It consists of getting points for your education, age, experience, and English language skills. Every year since 2016, Canada has been inviting a lot of immigrants through this system. Last year alone, 89,800 invites were sent because of this visa. Let’s discuss the people of different nationalities who got this visa.

In 2018, various draws were done for the purpose of selecting candidates through Express Entry. The lowest CRS was in the draw which happened on December 19th, 2018. It selected candidates with CRS score as low as 439.

When applying through the federal skilled worker stream, you should have a cutoff score of 67. You can also get the provincial nominee programs visa to work for you.

Rural and northern immigration pilot program –the selection of communities

Apart from that recently Canada has also come up with a rural and northern immigration pilot program. This allows you to apply to rural communities in Canada. Various provinces which are Alberta, , etc. this program is yet in its initiation stage and the communities interested in participating are submitting their letters of support. These letters of support include a letter if support from the municipal leader, from the employers interested in participating and an organization that will help immigrants.

The application process for the communities which were keen to participate has ended on March 11, 2019. A decision on the communities will be taken in the spring season of 2019. Once the communities have been selected, they will be trained for inviting nationals from foreign countries. 

Prince Edward Island  PNP(Labor impact category)

The PNPs open at different time slots of the year and then accept applications and conduct draws. You should be in touch with the best Canadian immigration consultant in Delhi to know which PNP is open and when. For example, Prince Edward Island which has the various PNP categories of labor impact and business impact conducted a draw on March 21st. 150 candidates were selected through this draw. The Labour Market Impact category selects those who have been chosen for jobs in the province. The labor impact category not only looks at whether the candidate has been sent an employment offer but also whether they have a post-secondary diploma. As far as the job offer’s duration is concerned, it should be as much as two years. Without this much duration, the job offer from a PEI employer can’t get you a PR to this province. The provincial nominees who are chosen are given 600 points after that they can apply to Express Entry.

There are two streams which choose candidates as per the Labor market impact category:

  • Skilled workers outside PEI: As per this stream, you must have two years of work experience. This makes you eligible for getting the job offer from a PEI based employer for two years. Apart from that, you must have a great knowledge of English. With this knowledge only, you can get the CLB4 score in the IELTS exam.
  • Critical worker stream: This stream is also important which decides immigration for those interested in coming to PEI. There are only a limited number of occupations which have been approved for this stream. 5 of these occupations are, housekeeping attendant or laborer or waiter or a truck driver or a customer care executive. In any of these 5 occupations, if you have been shortlisted for employment for two years in the Prince Edward island, you can easily apply for this PNP. In this case, the candidate must have experience with a PEI employer and must have worked with him for a duration of 6 months.
  • Business impact: under this stream, a candidate must be interested in running his own business in the province of Prince Edward Island. You can get all the necessary details which are needed for the application for this stream through the best immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada. Initially, the candidate gets a work permit which is valid for the duration of two years. If his company performs well, he can get a PR within 24 months. However, the necessary condition is that out of these 24 months, he must be living in the province for 1 year.

Out of 150 candidates shortlisted in the draw, 131 candidates were picked up for the Business Impact and the Express Entry streams. Prince Edward Island also selects candidates through the Express Entry.

Australia announces an immigration-friendly budget

In the new budget announced just shortly before elections, the government has announced a lot of grants for the immigrants. 22.6 AUD will be spent on the Community languages multicultural grants program so that the community language schools will be opened which will make sure that the Australians are able to assimilate the culture and language, of the community to which they belong. The government has announced spending of 12 million AUD on the national community hubs.  These hubs will work on improving the skills of the immigrants and ensuring that they are able to find employment in this country.

Immigration consultant in Delhi for Australia is your best bet to get immigration of this country. An Australian immigration consultant in Delhi will let you know about your immigration prospects based on the 189 and 190 visas.Both these visas have different possibilities for a candidate. The 190 visa is granted whether you have been chosen by a state. This dependson whether a candidatehas education and experience in a selected profile. The 189 visa has an age limit imposed on the applicants which is 45 years. The best immigration consultant in Delhi knows the difference between these two visas and how to get you applicable for any one of them. Although the cutoff for both the 189 and the 190 visa is 65 points including points for experience, education, and age, in the draw on March 11th, 1490 candidates were selected with a sum total of 75 points for the 189 visa. Since for the 189 visa, 212 occupations are eligible as per the MLTSSL list. The immigration agents in Delhi for Australia will inform you about the list of eligible occupations for the 189 visa. Earlier the number of occupations was 176 which is now 212 occupations for the 189 visa.  

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